South Indian Menu

South Indian Menu

Light, yet flavorful, the cuisine of South India is mainly rice-based. Rice is used in multiple forms, often combined with lentils, to create an array of delicious dishes. Today, there isn’t a corner in India where you won’t be able to savor a plate of idlis, dosas or vadas. Such is the influence and reach of South Indian food.


  • Babycorn Kurumilagu – Baby Corn Pepper Fry

    Crispy fried baby corn flavored with black pepper

  • Urugai Idli - Achari Idli
    (Only Butler Pass)

    Pickle filled cocktail Idlis tossed with gun powder and ghee

  • Silver Dollar Idli
    (Butler Pass Only)

    Cocktail size thick rice puffs

  • Medu Vada

    Golden fried savory lentil flour donuts

  • Chennai Cutlet

    Mixed mashed vegetables spiced with ginger garlic and coriander coated with poached rice

  • Mysore Bonda

    Onion, ginger, curry leaves dumplings deep fried

  • Idli

    Rice & lentil flour cakes steamed to perfection

  • Mirpakaya Pakodi – Chili Fritters

    Batter fried stuffed chilies

  • Parippu Vada

    Coarsely grounded Bengal gram flour blended with aniseed, chili and curry leaves fried to perfection

  • Venkaya Pakoda – Eggplant Fritters

    Eggplant fritter coated with gram flour deep fried

  • Masala Paniyaram – Masala Dumpling

    Rice and lentil dumplings tempered with spices and shallow fried

  • Crumb Fried Idli
    (Only Butler Pass)

    Steamed rice flour puffs, filled with pickle, crumb fried served with coconut chutney

  • Kanjiwaram Idli
    (Extra Cost)

    Steamed rice & lentil flour cakes flavored with ginger powder and crushed black pepper

  • Keerai Vada – Spinach Vada

    Crispy fried savory donuts flavored with spinach

  • Vengaya Pakoda – Onion Fritters

    Red onion fritter coated with gram flour deep fried

  • Vazhakai Bajji – Plantain Fritters

    Thinly sliced raw banana fritters deep fried

  • Podi Idli
    (Only Butler Passed)

    Bite size steamed rice puffs with a special blend of spices

  • Vegetable Idli

    Steamed rice and lentil flour cakes stuffed with vegetables

  • Munthiri Cutlet – Cashewnut Cutlet

    Medallion of cashew nut, crispy fried

  • Silver Dollar Uttapam
    (Butler Pass Only)

    Cocktail size rice pancakes with onions and tomatoes


  • Kozhi Varuval – Fried Chicken

    Spicy deep fried chicken

  • Kozhi Porichathu
    (Chicken Deep Fried)

    Chicken marinated with fennel, chili paste and deep fried

  • Kovalam Tawa Meen – Kerala Style Tawa Fish

    Marinated fish fillets flavored with a select blend of spices served from a skillet

  • Eral Varuval
    (Extra Cost)

    Crispy fried shrimps with sesame, ginger, cracked chili and fennel seeds

  • Kai Pidi Chops
    (Extra Cost) – Tamil

    Lamb chops marinated in a blend of ethnic Chettinad masala, dipped in egg batter and grilled to perfection

  • Travancore Mutton Roast – Kerala Style Lamb Roast

    Lamb cubes cooked with onion and tomato flavored with a fresh blend of Kerala spices

  • Chemeen Moilee
    (Extra Cost)

    Shrimp simmered in coconut milk and blended with South Indian spices

  • Amravati Kodi

    Spicy fried marinated chicken

  • Erachi Cutlet Lamb Patties

    Seasoned minced lamb patties, breaded and fried

  • Lamb Coconut Chilli Fry – Kerala

    Succulent morsels of lamb, with fried coconut and chillies

  • Yera Thokku
    (Extra Cost) – Tamil

    Shrimps cooked in spiced onion and tomato masala

  • Kozhi Kurumulakittathu
    (Chicken Pepper Fry)

    Succulent pieces of chicken tossed with freshly pounded pepper corns

  • Karaikudi Poricha Meen – Tamil

    Crispy fish fingers with fenugreek curry leaves and chillies


  • Beans Usli

    French beans cooked with spiced toor dal

  • Pookose Pattani Korma – Gobhi Matar

    Cauliflower and green peas cooked in a home style

  • Kadala Curry-tamil

    Whole Bengal gram flour cooked with coconut milk in a hearty coriander masala

  • Okra Tooran – Kerala

    Okra cooked dry with grated coconut, fresh herbs and a blend of spices

  • Guthi Vonkaya Koora – Andhra

    Baby eggplant cooked in tangy gravy with sesame seeds

  • Kai Kari Kootu – Tamil

    Vegetables with coconut gravy, lentils

  • Paalkatti Pattani Thokku – Tamil

    Cottage cheese and green peas cooked in a spiced onion and tomato masala

  • Mango Pappu – Andhra

    Delicious raw mangoes cooked with lentils and spices

  • Sambhar

    Tangy lentil preparation with fresh ground spices and vegetables

  • Thakkali Curry – Tamil

    Tomato curry laced with coconut & spices

  • Keerai Mesial – Tamil

    Spinach cooked with lentil

  • Olan – Kerala

    Black eyed beans, white gourd, yellow pumpkin, chili, grated coconut and curry leaves

  • Kara Kuzhambu – Spicy Curry Tamil

    Onion, green chili, tamarind, toor dal, curry leaves, chili and tomato

  • Malabar Avial

    Assorted vegetables simmered in coconut and yogurt sauce flavored with cumin

  • Peas Masala

    Dried green peas soaked overnight and slow cooked to a near mash consistency with onions, spices, coconut and dices of tomatoes

  • Urullakkizhangu Roast – Potato Roast

    Baby potato marinated with coriander seeds, red chilies, fennel seeds and fresh herbs

  • Vendakai Kuzhambu – Tamil

    Okra cooked with spicy tamarind gravy

  • Urundai Kozambhu – Tamil

    Lentil dumpling cooked in rich aromatic gravy of onions and tomatoes and exotic spices

  • Chettinad Kai Korma

    Vegetables simmered in fennel peppers and Chettinad gravy

  • South Indian Korma

    Medley of vegetable cooked in spices

  • Milagu Kuzhambu – Tamil

    Black pepper, tamarind, toor dal, curry leaves, chili and tomato

  • Pachakari Stew – Kerala Style Vegetable Stew

    Vegetables gently stewed in a creamy coconut extract and Kerala spices

  • Keera Thoran – Kerala

    Spinach and potato cooked in South Indian spices

  • Sukka Vendakai – Tamil

    Tender okra fried crispy and tossed with dry blend of spices

  • Kodamolagai Urulai Roast – Tamil

    Capsicum and baby potatoes cooked in a spicy masala


Kodi (Chicken)

  • Kodi Igguru

    Traditional Andhra chicken curry flavored with turmeric, red chili powder, garam masala, mint, coriander, ginger, garlic, tomatoes

  • Naadan Kozhi Curry – Kerala

    Country style chicken curry with coriander powder, chili powder and coconut milk

  • Chicken Hyderabadi

    Boneless chicken cubes served in spicy South Indian gravy

  • Kothmiri Kodi
    (Coriander Chicken)

    Boneless chicken marinated in an aromatic mixture cooked in a masala of fresh ground coriander leaves and spices

  • Mysore Kolli
    (Mysore Chili Chicken)

    Boneless chicken simmered in red onion, coconut, green chili and coriander masala

  • Kozhi Roast

    Chicken roasted with onion, tomatoes and potato wedges

  • Chicken Chettinad

    Chicken cooked with poppy, cumin, coriander, aniseed, fennel seed, dry red chili, cinnamon, grated coconut, ginger, garlic and curry leaves

  • Kodi Vepudu
    (Pan Roast Chicken)

    Chicken cubes in spicy dry masala

  • Pepper Chicken Gassi
    (Mangalore Chicken)

    Chicken cubes cooked in tamarind, red chili, poppy seed and tomato masala

Erachi (Lamb)

  • Gongura Mamsam

    A wholesome curry of lamb chunks and rosalie leaves

  • Nilgiri Kari Kurma – Tamil

    Lamb cooked in coconut coriander mint gravy

  • Chettinad Milagu Mamsam
    (Lamb Chettinad)

    Lamb cooked in aniseed, fennel and cracked pepper masala

  • Kola Urundai Kuzhambu – Tamil

    Minced meat dumplings cooked in delicately spiced gravy

  • Mercara Koori Mamsam
    (Extra Cost)

    Braised goat with coorg spices prepared in a tomato gravy

  • Iguru Mamsam
    (Lamb Hot Pot)

    Boneless cubes of lamb tossed with browned onions, coriander and garam masala

Seafood Shrimp or Fish

  • Chemmeen Curry* – Kerala
    (Extra Cost)

    Shrimp cooked with raw mango, red chilies and coconut milk

  • Nellore Chapala Pulusu – Andhra

    A spicy fish curry from Nellore region in Andhra

  • Meen Kazhambu – Tamil

    Fish marinated in tamarind, onion, tomato and cooked in delicately spiced gravy

  • Chemmeen Roast* – Kerala
    (Extra Cost)

    Shrimp roasted with onions, kokum and spices

  • Malabar Fish Curry

    Fish steaks marinated in red chili paste, turmeric, lemon juice and pan fried

Vegetarian Selection

  • Crispy Lentil & Rice Crepes Filled With Potatoes

    (Other fillings available)

  • Idli Tak-a-tak

    Small size idli tossed with your own choice
    (Chinese style or Indian style)

  • Uttapam Station

    Thick rice pancakes topped with tomatoes & onions

Non-Vegetarian Selection

  • Chicken Or Lamb Dosa Station

    Thin rice and lentil flour, pancake wrapped served with minced chicken or lamb meat with varieties of chutney


  • Ellu Saadam-black Seasme Rice

    Basmati, groundnut, sesame, urad dal, chili powder, sesame oil, curry leaf, clarified butter

  • Pooni Saadam

    Steamed rice

  • Elumichai Saadam

    Lemon rice

  • Sambhar Saadam

    Sambhar rice

  • Bagala Bhath

    Basmati rice cooked with yogurt and flavored with tempered mustard, red chili and curry leaves

  • Bisibele Hulianna – Karnataka

    Rice and lentils cooked with vegetables and mixture of ground spices

  • Puli Saddam

    Tamarind rice

  • Thengai Saadam

    Coconut rice

  • Thayir Saadam

    Curd rice


  • South Indian Paratha


  • Tomato Pachidi
  • Kosambari

    (Moong dal & cucumber salad)
    Specialty of Karnataka

  • Gongura Pickle
  • Thenga Manga Pattani Sundal

    (Mango & peas salad)
    Tomato/Onion/Cucumber in South Indian tadka

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