Gujarati Menu

Gujarati Menu

The hallmark of Gujarati cuisine is the intermingling of sweet, savory and spicy flavors. It is a common practice amongst Gujaratis to have mithai as part of the meal, rather than after it. Another great contribution of Gujarat to Indian cuisine is farsan, a variety of bite-sized savory snacks like dhokla, khandvi, khaman and more which whet your appetite before the main meal. Primarily vegetarian, Gujarati cuisine has high nutritional value.


  • Lilva Kachori

    Seasoned sweet peas filled puffs

  • Khamman Dhokla

    Spongy and savory lentil flour cake

  • Methi Na Gota

    A lentil flour savory snack flavored with sun dried fenugreek leaves

  • Khandvi
    (Extra Cost)

    Thin gram flour pancakes topped with tempered mustard seeds and grated coconut

  • Khichu / Papdi No Lot
    (Live Station-extra Cost)

    Rice flour cooked with cumin and carom seeds, served with oil.

  • Patra

    Colocassia leaves dipped in a seasoned batter steamed or fried golden

  • Bread Pakora

    Slices of bread stuffed with potato dipped in a gram flour batter fried to golden perfection

  • Gujarati Muthiya

    A savoury math dal flour

  • Chevdo

    A variable mixture of spicy dried ingredients such as peanuts, chickpea and fried onions

  • Khasta Kachori

    Seasoned lentil filled puffs

  • Sandwich Dhokla
    (Extra Cost)

    Combination of dhokla stuffed with chutneys in the centre

  • Sabudana Vada

    Fried potato, green chilies and tapioca blended with peanuts

  • Mathi

    Golden fried whole flour crisp crackers flavored with crushed pepper

  • Corn Kachori

    Seasoned corn filled puffs

  • Tiranga Dhokla
    (Extra Cost)

    Spongy and savory cake layered with mint sauce and tomato ketchup

  • Bateta Wada

    Seasoned potato dumplings dipped in a special batter, fried golden

  • Handvo

    Gujarati savory steamed vegetable corn milk cake

  • Nariyal Pattice

    Potato pattice stuffed with green peas served with grated coconut and batter fried

  • Batata Poha

    Stir fried rice flakes with diced potatoes, finely chopped onions, tomatoes and green chilies

  • Fafda

    Crispy fried lentil flour savory crackers

  • Chola Fali

    Spicy mixed flour fingers

  • Gathiya

    A deep fried Indian snack made from wheat flour

  • White Khatta Dhokla

    White savory lentil flour cake

  • Sev Khamani

    Savory spongy cakes prepared with a blend of gram and semolina flour, garnished with sautéed mustard seeds and chilies

  • Assorted Stuffed Paratha With Pickle & Raita

    Whole wheat skillet baked bread stuffed with potato, gobhi and paneer served with butter (other options available)


  • Turiya Patra

    A combination of ridge gourd and colocassia leaves, herbs and spices

  • Ringan Bateta Vatana

    An eggplant, potato and green peas curry

  • Vatana Muthiya Nu Shaak

    Green peas with fenugreek flavor dumplings

  • Parval Nu Saag
    (Seasonal) (Extra Cost)

    Pointed gourd cooked with fresh herbs and spices

  • Batata Sukhi Baji

    Stuffed fried spice potato

  • Fansi Dhokli

    French beans with flour dumplings cooked with spices

  • Mix Kathol

    A blend of lentils cooked to perfection on slow fire

  • Panchkutiu Saag

    Five vegetables in coriander coconut curry

  • Tindora Kaju Nu Shaak

    Ivy gourd cooked with cashew and blended with herbs and spices

  • Sev Tamata Nu Shaak

    Tomato and onion based curry topped with thin crispy gram flour

  • Tuvar Ringan

    Diced eggplant and pigeon peas cooked with indian spices

  • Mix Palak Bhaji

    Mélange of mixed vegetables and spinach

  • Gujarati Bhinda With Potatoes

    Round cut okra and potatoes blended with herbs and spices

  • Crispy bitter gourd cooked with spices and cashew

  • Raswala Batata

    Potatoes and spicy gravy

  • Valor Papdi Nu Shaak

    Flat beans cooked with spices

  • Kala Channa

    Black gram pressure cooked with fresh herbs and spices

  • Undhiyu / Surti Undhiyu

    A mélange of potatoes, eggplant, yam, snow peas and fenugreek dumplings cooked in Indian spices

  • Makai Capsicum

    Tender corn and capsicum cooked in milk tempered with Indian spices

  • Valor Muthiya Nu Shaak

    Broad beans & fenugreek dumplings curry


  • Lachko Dal

    Thick split yellow gram curry

  • Palak Moong Dal

    A blend of spinach leaves and green lentils flavored with a blend of herbs and spices

  • Magni Dal Chooti

    A dry preparation of yellow gram dal tempered with spices

  • Dapka Kadhi

    Dumplings cooked in thin spicy yogurt and gram flour curry

  • Gujarati Kadhi

    A thin spicy yogurt and gram flour curry

  • Gujarati Dal

    A blend of yellow lentils cooked to perfection on slow fire flavored with freshly grounded herbs

  • Fajeto Dal

    A delicious sauce like curry mango pulp combined with curds and tempered with spices

  • Trevti Dal

    A blend of three lentils cooked to perfection on slow fire


  • Vegetable Pulao

    Basmati aroma rice with vegetables

  • Plain Rice

    Plain basmati rice


  • Gujarati Rotli

    Round flat fluff bread

  • Pooran Poli

    Stuffed lentil with jaggery

  • Poori

    Fried puffy bread made from whole flour

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